Katarina Waldenstrom + Women share = KWOSHARE
Women are involved in many different ways. That is because we share the basic values in life.

This is the platform, studio, offering sustainable products and activities for women together with a cooperation to appointed organisations supporting women.
With own labels such as KWOSHARE, KWL Velvet, kwintage and fur icon - stockholm this is the natural location to meet and share the most important values.
I believe that sustainable offers make sustainable women make a sustainable society. So, join and support me in this mission..

The platform
The studio
The products & activities


Katarina Waldenström is an entrepreneur, photographer/artist and curator, as well as a loyal friend, partner, and mother, with a keen interest in social responsibility  and a strong commitment toward sustainability as both a culture and an attitude.
The natural, peaceful and stylish feeling she and the platform/studio and own brands communicates is the key to who she is. 
She takes her influence from art, culture, nature and people. 

my Story

Katarina Waldenstrom

All photos on the web (except for the external fashion shoots)
are taken by Katarina Waldenstrom.