I have always tried to be honest to myself. After 25 years working with PR and communication within the fashion and design industry I knew it was time for me to take the next step.
I want to utilize my knowledge within branding and conceptualization, my interest and work with photography, my life experience and travels. I want to create by blending impressions from all of these areas with my own ideas.
For me, it is important to produce a creative platform where I can express and share my values, my feelings, and my craft. I am on my way. I have ideas, my network has been activated, and time is now on my side. I invite you to join me on my journey. 


A couple of years ago I travelled to Borås, a small town in southern Sweden, in hopes of buying one of the many fine historical fabric companies based there. One day someone asked me: “Why are you going to buy an existing brand? Why don't you follow your dream and make one of your own?” I realized that what I wanted to create had not been done before. My life experience has made me confident, and this confidence has become the foundation for the entire concept behind the KWOSHARE brand and platform. My inspiration comes from Mahjong, and Urban Ears. Mahjong because of their message: I love their clothes, the 70s, and Carl Johan De Geers' fantastic photography. Urban Ears challenges me to keep my focus and build from a consistent structure.



I have produced a cohesive, solid, and always expanding platform of which I am very proud.
It is my pledge to make KWOSHARE a sustainable platform of clean, timeless brands that will both empower you and simplify the life of women.
The starting point for the platform is my lifelong passion for stylish, slow and sustainable fashion, photo and interior, with the philanthropic view.
This has led me to create a cohesive platform of classic, contemporary brands that will make every woman feel beautiful, strong, and confident.
This is the platform that will become a part of your everyday life - the part that doesn't take up too much space, but is still heard. With this approach I want to encourage women to extend and prolong their existence, whilst simplifying their lives. The values I share with my clients are to be conscious, to be human, and to give our energy. What we deserve to feel is safe and beautiful, feminine and liberated. Together we lift one another.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”-
- Oscar Wilde

I will continue my creative work with the conscious development of new thoughts and ideas.
Together with art, photography, and music KWOSHARE  becomes part of everyday life.  The part that doesn’t take too much space, the part that calmly empowers each of us - the urban contemporary woman.

Katarina Waldenstrom with love.