Katarina Waldenstrom + Women share
Women are involved in many different ways. That is because we share the basic values in life.


KWOSHARE is a sustainable  lifestyle brand for women  who appreciate clothes in merino that offer breathability and style, as well as the flexibility of a
collection that is easily and simply integrated into everyday life AND communicates the necessity of space in life and in the soul.
This is a brand with no logo or demands. To wear around the clock; urban, yoga, lounge, resort.
When supporting women and their lives, KWOSHARE is the brand with a sense of contemporary exclusivity.


The merino collection provides the ultimate minimalistic style wardrobe for the contemporary modern woman.
The quality is perfect for layering, while the colour palettes compliment your individual colouring, and the shapes create a silhouette perfect for every woman and every occasion.
 It’s all about choosing the right pieces to fit the different requirements of your life, allowing you can mix and match items both from within the collection and also with your already existing wardrobe. 
Build your own base in merino and keep these items together in that special place in your closet, the place that represents ease and mindfulness.
Incorporate space and freedom into your daily life to reclaim yourself.  

The secret to merino wool’s success lies in its exceptionally fine fibres, which make it the softest wool available
Being so extremely fine, they are able to bend far more than other coarser wool fibres. It also has higher elasticity that helps prevent garments made with merino wool from losing their shape. There is no pilling which make the styles limitless.
We use the same quality of wool, from Austria, for the production only different thickness depending on if it is a top or bottom.
100% WV lana Merino extrafine irrestringibile 2/30 and 2/48 art.: name Imagine.

How to care  information:
Hand wash, machine wash or dry clean
We at KWOSHARE wash the styles in 30 degrees with some ironing afterwards.



Katarina Waldenström is an entrepreneur, photographer and business partner*, as well as a loyal friend, partner, and mother, with a keen interest in social responsibility  and a strong commitment toward sustainability as both a culture and an attitude.
The natural, peaceful and stylish feeling she and the collection communicates is the key to who she is. She takes her influence from art, culture, nature and people. 


All photos on the web (except for the external fashion shoots)
are taken by Katarina Waldenstrom.